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Suebiquitous Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

If you think you're in the middle of an "Everybody Loves Raymond" show, you're almost right! Sue and Jeff take the memory of Thanksgivings and recall the food basics verses the new fancies! Jeff's mother, was indeed Marie Barone.

Nov 10, 2020

The littlest of insignificant blessings, end up being the greatest joy! The everyday conveniences can go unnoticed - but not today! From baking parchment paper, to the travel version of a back scratcher - you'll see how the simpler things can make your day!

Nov 3, 2020

Can we stump the "Jeffster" (co-host, Jeff Duffield) with 5th grade level Presidential trivia? We'll soon find out today! Consider this episode to be a GREAT distraction to the otherwise intense political drama of this day. We'll just call it "mindless intervention!" What a country! LOL!