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Suebiquitous Podcast

Aug 14, 2023

A pre-approval before purchasing a home will give you an idea of the loan amount that you can afford. It's necessary to get a mortgage pre-approval prior to selecting or even thinking about a particular property.
SO, ask host Sue Duffield, how she knows all this, and she'll tell you - it’s been one intense experience after another. The details of purchasing a home, in this economy, let alone being self-employed, is the challenge. Then, as proven just the other day, there are some debts that need to be paid before all this show-down can happen. And the irony is, some of the debt that was created, which isn’t collassal, has different account numbers, which when getting online to confirm your accounts, some of the numbers don’t match up with the lender's numbers stated in the requirements! 
Talk about details! It’s a real test of faith with all this. But when proven to stay thankful and grateful throughout the entire process, with gratitude towards the banks, the underwriters and the lenders to all stay in sync until closing day, well let's just say - boy howdie - that’ll preach!
God wants to be intimately involved in your life. Every detail, till that official "Closing Day!"